Getting started with Azure K8S

For a while now, I’m trying to get the hang of Kubernetes. The hardest part was for me to get a good use case. During my job, not a lot of customer that use Kubernetes.

So I started to explore Kubernetes by myself and I have found some helpful extensions to start developing Kubernetes.

Azure Kubernetes Service Extension

The first must have extension is the Azure Kubernetes Service. Some of the great features it offers:

  • View your AKS clusters in the Kubernetes
  • Add AKS clusters to kubeconfig
  • Perform AKS Diagnostics checks on your AKS cluster
  • Run AKS Periscope within VS Code
  • Configure a Continous Integration / Continous Deployment ( CI/CD ) Pipeline targetting AKS cluster from within VSCode
  • Browse to all Continous Integration / Continous Deployment ( CI/CD ) Pipelines targetting AKS cluster

Azure Tools

The next must have extension is the Azure Tools extension. This beautiful extension is a pack containing multiple extensions. You can manage your app services, databases, functions and lots more. Also very handy for managing your Azure Container Registry.


Also a must have extension. The Kubernetes extension for running Kubernetes locally. It is a great extension to so your Kubernetes working locally.

Kubernetes Templates

Last but not least. The Kubernetes Templates extension, a small extension but very handy.


If you are following the latest trends in the development world, you’re probably know that YAML is becoming the default in a lot of environments.

This extension is very handy to get that nice YAML intellisense and also helping you typing the right syntax.




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Achraf Chennan

Achraf Chennan

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