For a while now Microsoft released Visual Studio App Center. An alternative to Azure DevOps for mobile app developers. Visual Studio App Center is a great platform for developing mobile apps. The first time I used the App center was in 2019. I used it for a Xamarin Forms app…

For a while now, I’m trying to get the hang of Kubernetes. The hardest part was for me to get a good use case. During my job, not a lot of customer that use Kubernetes.

So I started to explore Kubernetes by myself and I have found some helpful extensions…

I think we all can be honest and say that swagger is the most helpful tool when developing an API. Sometimes it’s a hassle to install it. Personally, I would like it to be included in the API template of Visual Studio. So #vs2019 if you are reading, add it to the template, please.

Creating the API using Visual Studio 2019

First, choose the ASP.NET Core Web Application template.

Azure Data Factory brings ETL to a whole new level. With the great responsive GUI, you can build great ETL pipelines that are easily tested and debugged. While Azure Data Factory is a great service, there are some downfalls to think about.

The lookup activity with a limit of 5000 records

If you’re using ADF, short for Azure Data…

ARM templates are becoming a hot topic. Infrastructure as code (IaC) is becoming the standard when working in the cloud. The Azure team is already helping us a lot by providing a possibility to export existing recourses as ARM templates.

Short story about Dependency Injection

With .NET Core, the Microsoft team added a build support for dependency injection. Prior to .NET Core, there wasn’t a built-in support. There where a lot of third-party libraries like Autofac that supported dependency injection.

Why use Dependency Injection

I’m not going to go very deep in the subject. There are a lot of…

What is the Result class?

The Result class is a way to handle returning results to the presentation layer. I learned it from a great tutorial of Vladimir Khorikov on Pluralsight. The implementation is very simple and it cleans up a lot of dirty code.

Why use it?

Often I found myself inconsistently handling errors, null value’s etcetera…

Recently I successfully accomplished the Microsoft AZ-400: Microsoft DevOps Solutions exam. The exam was very helpfully, it gave me a quick overview of all the capabilities that are possible with Azure DevOps.

During studying, I found a lot of resources that can help with preparing for the exam. I took…

Many times customers and friends ask me about developing an app. They all have the same question: “Is it hard to develop an app?” I always respond with: “No it isn’t hard at all”. I tell them that everybody could write an app these days and I try to show…

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